Software for churches is about people.

Software for churches is not really about software. In fact, it’s never ultimately been about software. Some software companies work hard to focus their sales on the actual software: subscription plans, upgrades, support options, etc. This path’s end game is users, renewals, and a steady income stream. As an organization, we believe these things are important, but they aren’t the end game. These things relate to running a business the way air relates to life – while air is essential to life, it is not the point of life.

It’s All About People

Software for churches is about people and relationships. It always has been and it always should be! People drove us to develop technology — technology that supports the gathering of people around a specific mission and purpose. Theologians call it ecclesiology. The rest of us simply call it doing life together.

Church technology is about harnessing the potential to gather people for worship, fellowship, service, volunteering, and outreach. It’s about fostering community. Software for churches unifies church leaders, members, and volunteers in ways that create a sense of belonging and support an atmosphere for spiritual growth.

Church is about people. Any support system, including your church management software, should be about people too.

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