Know, grow, and keep your people

Church management software for the engaged church community.

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The people in your church matter.

Your ministry is about more than managing data – it’s about connecting with your people, and helping them connect with each other, so they can grow in their faith.


Know your people

Our church management software helps you keep track of your people: from new faces that walk through your door to fully engaged members.

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Customizable Forms

Whether you’re registering people for VBS, signing up for Small Groups, or collecting Prayer Requests, you can build a form to collect any information you need, then easily add them to groups, events, and more!


A safe and secure way to keep track of all the kids moving through your Children’s ministry. Record attendance by checking kids into events, and keep track of them by printing out name tags for the kids, pickup tags for their parents, and reports for your room leaders! Check-In stations can be run off a computer, tablet, or our iPad app to fit your needs.


Grow your people

As people become more engaged in the life of your church, provide them opportunities to connect with each other and grow deeper in their faith.

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Small Groups

Help your small group members connect greater with communication tools, events, meeting each other’s needs, and more. Your leaders will be equipped with the tools they need to take attendance and keep their group members’ info up-to-date, and they can access all of these tools right from their phone with the Small Group Leader app.

Volunteer Scheduling

Take your people to a deeper level of engagement through volunteer opportunities that match their gifts and preferences. The drag and drop grid gives your schedule organizers everything they need to set up their schedules, and our mobile-friendly volunteer tools make it easy for your volunteers to say YES!

Online Giving & Donor Management

A clear sign that someone is growing is when they start giving. Our software provides an easy, mobile-friendly space for giving a gift on the front end, and detailed reports to track contributions on the back end.


Keep your people

Follow up with your people so they feel valued and keep coming back.

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Follow-Up Processes

Don’t let anyone slip through the cracks. Whether you’re guiding a first-time guest towards membership or trying to re-engage people who have been missing for a while, build processes with specific follow-up steps to take people to the next level.


Events provide a great way for people to stay connected in what’s going on at your church. Our software gives you the tools you need to manage all of those calendar and event details, and even keep track of the rooms and resources your church has available.

Dashboard Metrics & Reporting

Use real data to make better decisions about your church. With customizable metrics, you can build your own dashboard to keep a pulse on your ministry’s health and growth. And when you want to drill in and see trends on specific people, our suite of pre-built and customizable reports allow you to get the complete picture.

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