Web-Based Church Management Software

You probably came here looking for church management software. At Church Community Builder, we care about church leaders, and our web-based software is designed (and continually being improved) to support the vital work you do. We’re known for this software, but believe it or not, software is not our deepest passion. Helping your church staff (both paid and unpaid) become more effective at how you do ministry is what fires us up! Our software is a powerful tool, but the real magic happens when our software is used to multiply your ministry efforts by combining it with effective process.

That’s why we’re about so much more than just software…

church software


Don’t worry … we won’t let you down on the features. Our web-based church management software unites key tools and people-driven data into one secure location, so you can spend more time focusing on your people.

church coaching


When technology works in harmony with effective processes and solid leadership, great things are possible. Our coaches can help you align your people, processes, and software into a healthy ministry ecosystem!

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We’re here to help you and others in your church become more effective leaders. The work you do is important, and the best way we can support that work is by better equipping you, through software and coaching, with the knowledge of how to better manage and run your areas of responsibility. We know you are making a lasting impact on the lives you touch; we are honored to help you make that impact even greater!

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