About Us

Our Vision


We care about helping churches like yours multiply your ministry efforts not by changing your why or what, but by improving your how.

We consider it a privilege to partner with a church and come alongside its leaders, from executive pastors, small group pastors, to facility managers, administrators, and financial overseers, and help them be more effective with how they do ministry.

We don’t expect you to do this alone, that’s why we have a dedicated team of coaches who can work with your church to guide the people who wear various hats to more effective ways of running their ministries.

Your church is the best place for people to come, hear the greatest story in the world, and connect with other people. Your church is the source of hope, healing, and encouragement for the world around you. We want to partner with you in that mission.

We are motivated to provide you with tools that help guests at your church feel welcomed, and not fall through the cracks. We want your people to last for the long haul, and be heavily engaged with your church community. We want to help guide your people to serving opportunities that fit their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities. Our software has been built with these things in mind and we would love to partner with your church!

How It All Began

In 1998, Chris Fowler and Free Grafton started working on internet-based tools to help people in their church connect with each other, and to make sure people weren't falling through the cracks when their desire was to find connection and community. There was no grand mission statement, no elaborate business plan, no dreams of an IPO, just two friends who felt led to do something about the frustration people felt in getting connected at their church.

Back then, church software options were usually loaded on one or two computers in the church office. None of the products featured a web-based interface that would allow people to work outside the church office.

As both pastors and entrepreneurs, Chris and Free imagined something more. After some dreaming and soul searching, Chris and Free launched a company dedicated to providing other churches with the same ideas they had field-tested in their church.

Moving Ahead

Today, we are blessed with over 100 full-time staff who love the culture of our company as much as they love making an impact on the local church.

To us, success is when our associates love coming to work every day, our churches view us as a vital partner in their ministry, and we see tangible evidence of how our tools are helping church leaders connect and engage with their community.

We are always looking forward, and have some exciting ideas and plans for the future that will help your church become an even better place for people to connect with God and each other. And we hope to be serving you as well.

The Church Community Builder Team

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