People know you as the office expert, but you know the role goes much deeper. Success for you is about empowering your leaders with the data and administrative support they need to understand how people are being cared for and how God is moving in your ministry.

Why your database, not your building, is your church’s most important asset

For me, there’s nothing like sitting down eye to eye with our church partners. I have a lot of long-distance phone conversations with church leaders, so when I get the opportunity to have face time with them, I always come back excited and inspired about the ministry impact being made and the role we get to play in making that possible.

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Seven reasons to be strategic about your church management software

I get it. Researching church management software and which option is the best for your church is not the most exciting thing in the world to most people. However, this is a much more important decision that most people realize. Whether you fully understand the value it can have in supporting your ministry or you’re not really sure but have heard others talk about it, getting the decision right is critical. If you don’t, you’ll not only hear about it from your staff, you’ll end up wasting valuable time and money.

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Data’s role in equipping the saints

Equipping the saints is the process of changing a Christ believer into a Christ follower — getting people out of the pew and into action. However, if we truly want to build a ministry where every volunteer is thriving, we need to help each person find their groove in ministry.

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Four misleading growth metrics

When it comes to measuring overall growth, every church has its own formula, but the patterns are very similar from church to church. Most church leaders realize that simply tracking overall attendance numbers isn’t the best strategy, so they often use a combination of metrics from different areas of ministry. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that diving into specific areas of ministry will paint a more accurate picture of church growth.

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