Top 10 reasons NOT to plant a church

This blog post caught my eye: 9 Reasons NOT to Plant a Church. It suggests that the church planting movement has missed something along the way.

While the author raises some valid concerns which question the validity of church planting, I still believe it is one of the most effective ways we can continue to engage people in community and expand the Kingdom. Can we learn from mistakes, improve our strategies, and make a greater impact in the years ahead? Absolutely! Do we need to scrap the whole concept of church planting as the author hints? Heck no!

Rather than trying to refute his arguments, I'd like to tap into David Letterman's comedic genius and create my own Top 10 list as to why we SHOULDN'T plant church.

  1. Funding is frustrating. If God called me, why should I have to worry about it?
  2. Parents expect a children's program, but does one child really constitute an active children's program?
  3. The Spirit just doesn’t move in the same way through the worship time without a bass player. And unfortunately, none of the nine of you play bass.
  4. Church planters are cool, and I'm just not cool enough.
  5. Not having your own building is so inconvenient. Setting up for a 5 pm Sunday service because the school gym is in use in the morning just cuts into the middle of your day.
  6. People are so flaky these days. Counting on anyone to join along side in the trenches of church planting is a long shot.
  7. The other local pastors view you as the enemy. No one wants to be the enemy.
  8. People judge you for your location choice--no matter where it is.
  9. People will attend without serving.
  10. People will tell you that a church plant is needed but do nothing to help you.

There’s a slew of frustrations that come with the territory of planting a church, no doubt. Though some of the above might be true, planting churches is vital and a calling from God. If any of the above reasons not to plant a church has crossed your mind, I know a conference that was designed with you in mind.

The Velocity Conference is happening February 27 and 28 in Cumming, GA at Mountain Lake Church. The two-day event is jam-packed with encouragement and information for church planters. If you feel alone out there or the reality of church planting has knocked the wind out of you, this conference exists for you.

You’ll learn how to have the most effective ministry possible no matter the size of your church, the size of your staff, or the size of your budget. I encourage you to make plans to attend this exciting conference. I can't wait!

What is something you didn't anticipate or expect about planting a church? How did you overcome it?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Feb 22, 2012 10:36:17 PM