10 things you can do today to build community

Building community is at the heart of what we do. Yes, we develop and sell technology. But that’s the “what” of what we do. When it comes to the “why,” the only reasonable response is to build community within local churches to encourage and empower ministry to take place.

Why is community so important? Because doing life together was God’s design from the beginning.

Here are 10 suggestion you can implement today to build community in your church:

  1. Get the senior leadership on board. If the people at the top aren’t moving in the same direction, neither will the church.
  2. Start with the staff. This is easy to do when you’re small. As your staff grows, so will you need to be tenacious about community building exercises.
  3. Open your door. The pastor should be available to the staff. Everyone understands you need to study and prepare for your next sermon, but your staff needs you to be accessible. You are...after all...the chief community builder.
  4. Start a video blog. Writing is good. Making it easy for people to see and hear you is even better.
  5. Train your small group leaders. Require it. Make a big deal out of it. These lay leaders are critical to executing a successful small groups effort. (Oh, and PLEASE track who actually shows up at small group gatherings. Who cares if I am on the "roster" if I never bother attending?)
  6. Tell stories. Just like families, we love to share the same stories of victory and triumph over adversity. It reminds us why we are connected.
  7. Leverage the inbox. Many still live their lives out of the digital inbox on their computers and smart phones. Capture these addresses and send a steady stream of relevant information to keep people informed and well...connected.
  8. Invest in social media. You’re people are already there. Your church should be, too.
  9. Set expectations. Define what your church says is a fully engaged member to your new members’ class. It provides a clear road map that defines the next step.
  10. Get out of the office and in front of people. It’s just too easy to sit in our offices alone and think we are “doing ministry.” If you’re the only one involved, there’s a good chance you aren’t accomplishing much ministry.

What advice would you give a church that was interested in building community into their culture?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Jul 1, 2011 11:41:41 PM