4 kinds of church mergers

While the multisite church has become a recognized trend over the past few years, did you know there is a growing number of churches merging together? My good friend Jim Tomberlin tells me he is advising on mergers as often as he is doing so on multi-site. Christianity Today reported the birth of Redemption Church in Phoenix, AZ. Unlike most merges before, East Valley Bible Church and Praxis Church were both growing. However, they partnered together to have a greater impact on their city. The result? 4,800 were counted in attendance--14% more in attendance than the churches were running before the merge.

According to Multisite Solutions, four types of church mergers exist:

  1. Rebirths: a restart of an older church or one in decline
  2. Adoptions: one church becoming part of another
  3. Marriages: a healthy merger of equals
  4. Reconciliations: a reunion of a church split

I'm fascinated by this new path to church growth and what results we will see.

Have you been a part of a church merger? Please share your experience!

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Posted by Steve Caton on Jan 23, 2012 10:55:03 PM