4 things nonprofits do that churches don’t

I’ve lived and worked in both the traditional nonprofit world and in the church world. I get so frustrated by how casual so many churches are about building community. There are four observations that I share with leaders regularly that highlight the differences:

  1. Nonprofits don’t assume they have the attention of donors. Churches expect members to take the initiative to “figure it out.”
  2. Nonprofits don’t waste opportunities to engage others. Churches rarely invest in multi-dimensional communication strategies to ensure they have the attention of every segment of the community.
  3. Nonprofits don’t forget to tell great stories. Churches love to talk about programs.
  4. Nonprofits don’t overlook that impact is what will drive future support. Churches too often fail to connect the dollar to life change.

Nonprofits do amazing work but churches have the "home field advantage" and the best "value proposition" in the world! We should leverage those advantages to engage people for spiritual formation of individuals and spiritual transformation of entire communities.

Eternity is a tough ROI to compete with.

How are you leveraging your advantages as a church community to engage others for Kingdom impact?


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Posted by Steve Caton on Mar 21, 2011 11:22:36 PM