5 ways to use Church Community Builder's new forms features

Collecting information from church members has always been more of a necessary evil than an asset for many church leaders. They need the information, but for the most part, the process creates another set of issues church leaders don’t want to deal with.

An inefficient way of collecting information
In the past, if a leader wanted to collect information from a potential volunteer or student signing up for summer camp, they needed to manually create the form, which took time. Then they had to print off the form, which cost money. Some might have even hoped for a low response rate so they wouldn’t have to spend more time importing the information into their database, which impacts ministry.

Churches that have moved to online forms haven’t been able to avoid issues either. Using forms and surveys that aren’t connected to their online community makes everyone’s jobs more complicated. And most online forms have lacked the adaptability and features needed to get all the necessary information from church members.

A new way for collecting information
These are just a few of the reasons our team has spent countless hours developing our massively upgraded new Forms features. We believe our new forms will give you the comprehensive integration you need with a new interface your congregation will enjoy.

Here are five ways your church can use our new forms features to make collecting information and payments easier and more efficient:

  1. Organize church members with answer-specific actions. One of the things we’re most excited about is our new automation system feature. For example, if your volunteer coordinator has a form to collect information from potential volunteers, the new form will organize them based on the answers they give. If they say they’re interested in serving in early service and have an interest in greeting and student ministry, the form automatically organizes them and notifies everyone who needs to know about their interest with our customized email notification feature.
  2. Build forms that work the way you do. Building forms doesn’t have to be complicated. Our new forms work the way you do, with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and every setting at your fingertips. You can even see a real-time preview of your form as you build it. This makes building forms easy for any staff member in your church. You can also publish and unpublish a form as necessary.
  3. Make payment/donation options easy for your church members. One of the most difficult problems church leaders run into with online forms is payment questions. Can I make multiple payments at one time? Can I split my payments for different charts of accounts? What if we want to offer discount codes or the opportunity for church members to give an additional contribution? These are all things church leaders haven’t been able to do … until now.
  4. Collect even more detailed information from your members. Our new forms feature eight new question types, giving you the opportunity to collect even more information. Our file upload feature allows you to collect waiver forms for summer camp or photos of life change from your mission trip. The new donation amount question lets church members choose exactly how much they want to give and to which category.
  5. Stay informed with our new summary view feature. Now church leaders can see at a glance how many responses you have, how many are matched, how many are paid, and how much is owed. They can also drill down and see how answers are distributed for a particular question. It’s all presented in beautiful, comprehensive charts.

The new forms solution, along with a host of other improvements, is coming November 20. I’m so proud of our team and the work they put into creating the next wave of solutions to guide churches to a better how.

Have you tried our new forms in beta yet? What do you think? If not, what features are you most excited to try out?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Nov 18, 2013 9:12:04 PM