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A few months ago, I mentioned that when you work with Church Community Builder, be prepared to be challenged. But not because working with our sales or support department is difficult. Rather, it’s challenging because we confront your church’s status quo and the things that might be standing in the way of effective ministry. We’ve adopted that mindset since our foundation and will always work to hold true to our mission of guiding church leaders to a better how.

This year, we’re working that mindset into our internal systems and processes. We’ve taken a step back and brainstormed ways to maintain our commitment to being the best church management software out there, specifically in the way we relate with the churches we currently work alongside.

Our commitment to being continually progressive when it comes to client satisfaction is what led us to create our newest resource, CCBTech. There are some obvious benefits for following CCBTech for real-time set up and customer support questions, but there are some other really cool features we’ve implemented.

By following CCBTech, churches can:

Whether you’re a head pastor, associate pastor, executive pastor, or church business administrator, we realize that you probably don’t have a lot of free time on your hands. At the same time, we know how beneficial it is to have church management software that is maintained and running at peak efficiency. By following CCBTech, you can stay in the loop on everything you need to know to keep your church’s processes and systems operating effectively.

For Church Community Builder churches: What has been the most beneficial update you’ve noticed in your administrative process lately?

For pastors and church Leaders: What are some ways that you leverage your church management system to affect your internal culture and initiatives?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Feb 6, 2013 10:45:18 PM