Church Technology 101: The purpose of your ChMS

I recently had the opportunity to guest post for my friends Bryan and Shannon Miles who own a company called Miles Advisory Group. They asked me to record a quick video answering the question: What is a ChMS?

It made me think about how many times I've been asked that question. It usually isn't a direct question. It comes hidden within questions like:

  • Church software is all the same. Why do you think yours is different?
  • Why would anyone need access to our ChMS if they aren't on staff?
  • As long as we can record contributions and produce mailing lists, why do we need anything else?

These questions indicate a lack of full understanding about the role technology can play in church, specifically in building community. I hope this video helps you begin to think differently about your church management system.

Here are some ideas to consider about the vision for church management technology:

  • It's more than a database where you store mailing, attendance, and contribution details.
  • The more people who can access your ChMS, the more valuable a tool it becomes.
  • It should be a lens that allows us to see God's hand in and through our ministry.
  • A ChMS helps define the systems that should align with our process or approach to ministry.

What is your view on church management technology?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Sep 21, 2011 11:52:09 PM