Data’s role in equipping the saints

Equipping the saints is the process of changing a Christ believer into a Christ follower — getting people out of the pew and into action. However, if we truly want to build a ministry where every volunteer is thriving, we need to help each person find their groove in ministry.

Once someone says "yes, I’m interested; let’s figure this relationship out and see if there is something real here," it becomes the responsibility of the church leader — that’s you — to take the lead in the process.

This is where data can play an incredibly vital role in ministry.

How to Use Data to Discover People’s Strengths

Here are three ways to leverage data to help people discover their strengths and equip the saints for ministry:

  1. Perform an assessment. Using a gift or personality assessment tool, capture their interests and unique gifts. Then find ways to build a relationship around those specific interests, skills, and desires.
  2. Create a more robust profile. Take what you learn and add it to the other information you are storing on the people in your church. This should absolutely be in your church management system.
  3. Help members generously release their strengths for the benefit of the Kingdom. Use the new data to connect people with ministry opportunities that are a great fit for their passions, personalities, gifts, and experience.

Here’s an example.

A member scored high in their personality profile with regard to 'mercy'. You noticed (because you were looking at the data) that, 90 days after completing the new member’s class, she hasn’t participated in one service activity.

What would you do?

You could let it go and hope for the best. Or you could alert the missions pastor that you have a new member with this personality profile who hasn’t served yet, and encourage him to offer an invitation for her to serve.

The bottom line is, using technology and information to help people plug into ministry is one of the most valuable ways to become the kind of Ephesians 4 church we’re called to be. Capturing the right data helps us help members follow Christ.

What insights have you found by assessing the strengths of your members?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Sep 24, 2014 11:00:15 PM