Driving Digital Discipleship

While the landscape of our culture is changing rapidly, the core mission of the church has not: go and make disciples.

So how can we use the technology available to do that? I believe there are three keys for our churches to effectively utilize technology and give us the opportunity for digital discipleship in a world that is more connected and relationally-driven than ever before.

  1. Utilize the proper technology
    Shara Lee in Converge Magazine pointed out that Twitter is not the right tool to use when having an important private dialogue as it is public and limits you to 140 characters. When it comes to communicating with our members, it’s important to know the differences between social media platforms and how to use them properly. Here is a helpful article that provides some guidance on that front.
  2. Adapt to available technology to stay connected in the conversation
    If the church does not speak up in the digital realm it has no voice there. While I don't think the church needs to adopt every new technology that comes along, we should objectively examine what is available and see how it can be used to further our mission and reach new people.
  3. Choose your words carefully, considering the perspective of others
    It is easy to get in the habit of speaking with the Christian jargon we use not only in church but in our community and on the web. When you post something online that will be read by believers and non-believers, try to say what you mean without utilizing “church words” that only makes sense to those in the pews. Using language that makes sense to non-believers is the first step in reaching them.
  4. Reduce the noise and focus on engagement
    I go nuts when churches continue to communicate to everyone in the same way. It's like junk mail that most of us ignore. Technology can help you know your audience in a much more intimate fashion. It can also help you tailor communications to people based on that knowledge. When you are more purposeful about what you communicate, your people will respond in far greater numbers. Check out this post for more insight.

Do you struggle with the concept of digital discipleship? What are your biggest concerns?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Jun 25, 2012 10:40:09 PM