Everything an outreach pastor should know about church management software

Effective outreach is about more than simply getting people to visit your church. It’s about engaging your community to create meaningful relationships and ensure people stick. Whether you realize it or not, your church management software can play a key role in that goal. It’s more than a piece of software; it’s a tool that ensures your outreach strategy becomes a disciple-making strategy.

Here are a few ways your church management software can help you reach more people in your community:

  1. It provides accountability as you challenge people to reach your community. It’s one thing to tell your members to invite their friends and neighbors. It’s an entirely different thing to promote inviting while providing accountability. Here is one way your church management software can promote outreach with accountability.
  2. It moves people from marginal to missional engagement. People who are involved in service projects are more likely to serve in an ongoing missional ministry if given the opportunity. By tracking missional participation, you can determine individual interest level and invite people to participate in an outreach ministry that matches those interests and abilities, as indicated by their individual track record.
  3. It enables you to value outreach and 'in-reach' equally. Every church should have a healthy balance between evangelism and discipleship. Your church management software can help you accomplish that goal by showing your current members they’re valuable while challenging them to 'be the ministry' in your community.
  4. It ensures that your church grows in a healthy way. While outreach is an important part of getting people to visit your church, it’s only one part of everything that’s needed to accelerate church growth. If your church has relied on outreach alone for church growth, here is one way your church management software can change that.
  5. It helps create a culture of outreach in your church. If your church’s community outreach is lacking or stuck, consider taking a hard look at the culture and processes that support discipleship and community in your church. Here’s how your church management software can help.

You might think that your church management software is a tool that your leaders use only after you’ve helped get people in the door. However, it can be a tool just as valuable for your area of outreach ministry as it is for any other.

Outreach Pastors: How are you using your church management software to mobilize more people for ministry and reach new people in your community?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Oct 21, 2013 10:30:53 PM