How technology helps you connect with different types of church members

Ministry would be easy if everyone in your church understood your church’s vision and shared the same passion for reaching others. Unfortunately, that will probably never be the case. Almost every church in the country has a combination of key volunteers who always go above and beyond what’s asked of them and church members who will always be spectators.

The four different types of church members

A few weeks ago, Will Mancini shared a brilliant post that identified the four different types of members that make up every church. Each member had a different level of understanding of the vision of the church and their role in accomplishing it.

  1. Crew. These are people that understand the vision of your church and play an important role in achieving it.
  2. Passengers. These are people who understand where your church wants to go, but haven’t taken an active role in make it happen.
  3. Pirates. These are people who might be actively involved, but they don’t have a clear understanding if where your church is headed. Therefore, they end up hijacking whatever ministry they’re involved with.
  4. Stowaways. These are people who neither understand the vision of your church nor why they are important.

How technology helps you connect with these different types of church members

Whether you realize it or not, technology can play a huge role in helping you keep your 'crew' energized and moving the other types of church members towards becoming actively engaged church members.

  1. Technology helps you really 'know' your crew. It’s important to develop a clear portrait of your key volunteers. Whether it’s a volunteer who’s been serving at your church for the past 15 years or a first-time giver, your ability to make your 'crew members' feel appreciated depends on how much you know.
  2. Technology helps you activate passengers. Instead of relying on the same volunteers or donors time and time again, technology allows church leaders to embrace the decentralized shift our culture has made. Technology allows you to reach church members where they are, communicate with them effectively, and connect them with a ministry that aligns with their skills and passions.
  3. Technology helps you convert pirates. Most of the time, people who hijack ministries do so because they aren’t properly equipped. Before anyone starts serving in your ministry, they need to be equipped with supporting relationships, biblical teaching, encouragement, support, accountability, a sense of belonging, and a sense of purpose.
  4. Technology helps you invite stowaways to become passengers. There is a reason some churches are full of spectators. Churches that value connections understand that life change happens when you help your church members become the ministry, which only happens when you effectively help people engage with the culture and mission of your church.

What are some ways your church is using technology to connect with the different types of people in your church? How are you leading people toward becoming part of the crew?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Jan 29, 2014 9:25:08 PM