Church Community Builder has a leadership bias

We designed Church Community Builder (CCB) with the leader in mind. As we’ve grown, we’ve had to make some mission critical decisions along the way. One of those decisions is that we’ve decided to optimize our software for a leadership model that is "top down." I don’t mean to suggest that those at the top are dictators. But churches...or any organization for that matter...without a strong leadership presence probably aren’t a good fit for CCB. (Think Tribes.)

Two things that are significant about a leadership-driven church model:

  • Systems and Processes matter - Your church operates within the context of well-defined set of systems and processes. These are the things which form the "banks of the river" and provide some structure for your leadership to operate within. Tony Morgan shared some thoughtful insight on this recently.
  • People are empowered - Your church staff works hard to identify and provide tools to your lay leaders who are then empowered to lead those entrusted to them in a variety of contexts. People multiply people.

There are technologies available for churches who opt for a non-leadership driven model and are best utilized in more organic situations. Facebook is a great example! You should always leverage Facebook and other social media tools but they are only part of the equation. While there certainly is room for grassroots efforts, ultimately, ministry is optimized by the people, systems, and processes designed to accelerate the impact of those doing ministry.

What role do systems and processes play in growing your church?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Jul 4, 2011 11:47:14 PM