Missing People — Do you know who they are?

The larger the church the more likely you are to have missing people. These are individuals and families who were active in various areas of your ministry who have -- in a sense -- disappeared. They just stopped coming. They stopped volunteering. They stopped giving.

The big question. The big elephant in the room is...Did you notice? No need to get defensive. I get it. Totally. There are a million moving pieces. Any more than 50 people and those million pieces are moving at one million miles a minute, too.

There are:

  • ...programs to plan.
  • ...staff to lead.
  • ...funds to raise.
  • ...sermons to plan.
  • ...volunteers to recruit.
  • ...small groups to multiply.

The only problem is that for every person that goes missing from your church, you lose some of the potential God has entrusted with you to accomplish the vision he had placed on your heart. We’re not talking about inventory, sales, or paperwork. Losing those can be painful, indeed. But when we lose people...well that’s just another thing altogether.

Who is missing from your church? Do you know who they are, when they stopped coming, and where they are today? If you can answer the first question, you’re already miles ahead of most churches.

Hint: If you want to grow your church, it’s a good idea to put systems in place to make sure people don’t go missing.

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Posted by Steve Caton on Oct 17, 2011 11:43:18 PM