Use your Church Management System to reach more people this Christmas

It’s December 3, which means you have three weeks left to prepare for your Christmas services and meet the tangible needs that arise during the holidays. Before the overwhelming stress starts creeping over you, I wanted to provide some practical help.

A few weeks ago, Capterra shared six ways church management software can help with event planning. While church management software probably isn't the first thing on your mind right now, the article reminded me about some unique ways it can help you capitalize on all of the ministry opportunities that arise this time of year.

With three weeks until Christmas, here are four ways your can leverage your church management software to reach more people:

  1. Mobilize volunteers to maximize first-time guest experience. Every pastor knows that Christmas Eve services are a huge opportunity to connect with first-time guests and irregular attendees. Unfortunately, that reality usually causes more stress than excitement. This might be your 'one shot' with them. What happens if they can’t find a seat or they don’t have a good experience? Your church management software can help solve that problem. Utilizing your volunteer scheduling tools can help you mobilize and gain commitments from more people who can serve and make people feel welcomed. Dispersing your greeters across multiple services will make sure no first-time guests have a bad experience because of poor planning.
  2. Utilize digital check-in to capture the new faces. Checking in your children and students is one of the easiest ways to identify new visitors and capture initial contact information. It always surprises me when churches either don't do it at all or choose not to do it during the Christmas services. First, consider leveraging my previous point to gather more check-in volunteers. Then set up some extra stations to help you handle the crowds. Your visitors will feel cared for, and your Connections Pastor will have lots of new people to follow up with!
  3. Invite people to use their gifts to make the service special. Christmas is a unique time of year because it creates new opportunities for people to get involved. Maybe there’s a church member with incredible design skills who can help you decorate the stage or a small group member with a special story that would resonate with your message. Using your church management software to find people with unique skills and stories is a great way to maximize the gifts of your members and create memorable experiences.
  4. Connect church members with specific needs. Whether it’s a family that’s struggling to make ends meet or a ministry in your community that provides presents to orphans, there are so many needs to be filled during the holidays. Encourage your small group leaders to utilize the communication tools available with your church management software rather than email. This will keep information and results in a central location as your church comes together around specific needs. People are more focused on giving back to their communities during the holidays. Your church management software can make coordinating and communicating around this focus easier.

The real benefit of technology is when we take the online tool and use it to create a real-world impact. While you may only have three weeks until Christmas, these are three ideas you can easily implement to make the most of this incredible ministry opportunity.

What are some ways your church is using its church management software to coordinate or communicate about the holidays?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Dec 2, 2013 8:54:09 PM