Ron Edmondson understands why we need community

Ron Edmondson recently posted 3 Reasons We Need The Church. I really like Ron. He is one of those pastors that really understands why Church exists and consistently calls leaders back to the heart of why we do what we do. It’s easy to make being a Christ-follower complicated and full of checklists when it should be simple: love God and love others.

His second point really hit home: We need each other.

I came to Christ later in life, at age 31. Had it not been for a caring community, I might not be a Christ-follower today. The larger the church gets in attendance, the smaller we have to become. We do that by building community.

So often people who get hurt, upset, or disappointed by other people in the church react by washing their hands of church altogether. Believe me, I understand that temptation having struggled with it myself. Yes, the purpose of church is to worship God. And yes, we can do that from anywhere. But we need church because we aren’t meant to do life alone.

I love investing in authentic relationships with other people. I have relationships with other Believers as well as non-Believers. It’s doing life together where my faith is translated from my head to my heart.

Ron reminds us in his post that we are fashioned in the image of God and like Him we are designed for fellowship. The point of what we do at Church Community Builder is to help churches help people walk through life in more authentic community. This is what makes people stick to a particular church. It’s not because you're the coolest, loudest, or most missional. People stick because they feel like someone genuinely cares about them. They feel like they are both in need and needed at the same time.

So, do you feel a strong sense of community in your church? Are people building lasting relationships which go beyond worship and programs?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Apr 10, 2012 2:31:05 AM