See you at the Connected Church Conference!

I talk a lot about how CCB is more interested in supporting the work of the local church and providing tools to expand the Kingdom than just being a software provider. One of the ways that we express that is through an event we call the Connected Church Conference.

Wait. Just so were clear on this...the Connect Church Conference is not a CCB “user’s conference.”

We’ve all been to those, and we aren’t condemning the function and purpose of those types of events. Our choice is to communicate tips, tricks, and updates to you through other channels so we can free up your travel and professional development time to perfect your skills as a church leader.

The purpose of the event is to inspire, refresh and equip those who lead and execute the vision of the local church. This vision really began to take shape last year and it was very well received by those who attended. We also learned a few things along the way based on what you shared with us after the event. We took what you told us, and we put it into action.

This year we have an incredible speaker line up that includes: Will Mancini, Wayne Elsey, Dr. Don R. Simmons, Jim Tomberlin, Ron Edmondson and others. When you leave, you will be empowered with practical strategies and action items to help you be more connected with your staff, your congregation and the community around you. We also have a couple of surprises up our sleeve!

I would strongly encourage you to subscribe to the Connect Church Conference blog to stay update to date on the details. I hope you’ll make plans to bring your team to this year’s conference September 21-23. Be sure to linger over the weekend that follows the event too. Those beautiful Colorado Aspens should be putting on their annual fall fashion show by then!


What other conferences and events have you already or will you attend in 2011?

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Posted by Steve Caton on May 2, 2011 11:46:00 PM