Seven reasons to be strategic about your church management software

I get it. Researching church management software and which option is the best for your church is not the most exciting thing in the world to most people. However, this is a much more important decision that most people realize. Whether you fully understand the value it can have in supporting your ministry or you’re not really sure but have heard others talk about it, getting the decision right is critical. If you don’t, you’ll not only hear about it from your staff, you’ll end up wasting valuable time and money.

Seven reasons to be strategic about your church management software decision

Whether you are buying for the first time or replacing existing software, I want to encourage you to take an intentional, strategic approach. Here are seven reasons why:

  1. You’ll catch opportunities to connect with people. Leaders who think strategically about their church management software discover opportunities to minister to people because of changes in behavior which are surfaced by the system.
  2. You’ll make more informed decisions. If you have church management software that records important metrics, your church will be able to make the most informed decisions possible for ministry.
  3. You’ll cultivate greater generosity. Holistic church software has become an essential element for churches that want to cultivate generosity because it surfaces patterns and trends as well as individual snapshots. This informs leadership about overall generosity and creates opportunities to inspire new levels of giving.
  4. You won’t just rely on your gut when it comes to your church’s growth patterns and potential. When you purchase software that is comprehensive in scope and able to support every team in your church, you gain opportunities to record and analyze the important data that illustrates growth patterns and potential problems.
  5. You will solve the mystery of why people leave your church. The right software should have a significant impact on how well your church is connecting with first-time guests and help you learn from those who don’t return.
  6. Your discipleship strategy will thrive. Software can help you record what you know and learn about your people. This helps you invite an individual to take the next step in a more tailored and personal fashion.
  7. Community within your church will thrive. Authentic community happens when we actually know our people and create a sense of belonging for them. This only happens when we think holistically about how technology supports our vision for community and connectedness.

Once you’ve figured out what’s at stake — and how to avoid the dangerous assumptions so many people make — you’ll be on your way to finding a software solution that provides exactly what your church needs to do better ministry.

What are some other important things you considered when choosing your church management software?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Nov 19, 2014 10:00:01 PM