Thanks for go figure it out

Too often our implicit message to regular attenders and even new members is, “Thanks for go figure it out.” We sit and wait for people to think deeply about how their deepest yearning can fit within our ministry when what people really want is for someone to show enough interest in them that they feel valued, included, and special.

It sounds simple, but so many...too many...churches miss this one big time. And they pay for it in more ways than the offering.

If churches spent as much time and energy thinking through things like “How do we steward our people more effectively?” as they thinking about how they can get more things done with volunteers, the results would be astonishing. Stewarding people more effectively means “knowing” them more deeply and helping them touch and feel impact that matters to them. It also means taking the time to understand their “wiring” and proactively helping them serve in places that align with who God created them to be.

When we take the steps to steward our people, it often leads to more committed, engaged, passionate church communities which...SURPRISE! more!

We must treat every person who comes through our doors as a gift from God. Wherever God is calling us next, he is presently resourcing us through the people in our pews with the time, talents, and treasure to take us there. Our job as leaders is to develop or cultivate that for greater Kingdom advancement.

This isn’t SOMETHING ELSE we add to our daily responsibilities. It IS our daily responsibility as people who hold leadership positions within churches. The unfortunate reality is that the gift God intended to bless our church through a particular family or individual is often wasted because we missed being intentional about connecting with them.

What systems and process does your church have in place to ensure people don’t have to figure out on their own how they can serve, grow, and lead within your church community?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Aug 6, 2011 12:04:26 AM