Tim Stevens inspires me

I was really inspired by a recent post by Tim Stevens about their most recent initiative: It’s a Project, Not A Campaign. Tim is a leader among church leaders, and he also is a great pastor to Granger Community Church.

Here are some notes I wrote down as I read his post:

  • Words matter. They carefully decided what they were going to call their latest effort.
  • Planning is non-negotiable. They took a year to finalize their plans and pray about it instead of rushing into anything.
  • Executing the plan is the hard part. They worked the plan and adjusted when necessary.
  • Adjusting to the needs of your congregation is important. They limited the length of commitment based on the economy and changing expectations of culture.
  • Honest conversation and disclosure builds trust. They talked openly about needs, desires, plans, and objectives.
  • Multiple channels of communication make it easy for everyone to plug in. They took their message to live events, Weekend Worship times, and the Web.

I am reminded of some very powerful leadership principles that Tim personified in his post. Our desire to approach our work in very similar ways as we engage with churches.

What are your thoughts about Tim’s post?

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Posted by Steve Caton on May 16, 2011 11:56:29 PM