Top 5 posts on effective church processes

I want to revisit some of our most popular posts aimed to help your church understand, evaluate, and improve your core systems and processes.

So why do I keep talking about “processes” and “metrics” and “technology”? It’s simple. The goal of this blog as well as Church Community Builder is to empower the church to be more effective in reaching people for the Kingdom. When we are more effective at building community and doing life together, lives are changed and authentic community occurs. The thing is, you have to start with solid processes to be truly effective. Without a good process, your success will be limited and the systems you deploy will be largely ineffective. This is why process coaching is one of the fastest growing and most important parts of our organization. We recently released a case study outlining three churches who experienced significant impact in their ministry effectiveness as a result.

Just in case you missed any along the way, here are five posts to help your church get to the next level.

How has improving your processes impacted your ministry effectiveness?

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Posted by Steve Caton on May 23, 2012 11:49:06 PM