Will Mancini on vision and execution

Will Mancini is not only a friend but one of the most respected leaders in the church space. I'm grateful he takes my calls and am excited about new opportunities for us to collaborate and work together. He's even been helping the leadership team at Church Community Builder become clearer and more specific about who we are and where we are headed. His process will exhaust you, but it's so worth it. We want to be good stewards of the resources and opportunity God gives us to help churches make better disciples and multiply their Kingdom impact.

In Great Vision, Bad Execution, Will outlines six reasons why great vision won't help you achieve the results you want in your church. Two of them stood out to me:

  • Spinning Wheel Decision-making.
  • Ego Side Trips.

While I'm not going to reveal the churches that immediately come to mind based on Will's description, I do want to unpack my thoughts.

Spinning-Wheel Decision-making is a tough one for a lot of churches. Very often, churches find it difficult to make a decision to move forward in any one direction. They are great at getting people together to meet, but execution isn't always the result of a meeting. (You know what I'm talking about.) The churches who have a strong alignment between their vision and leadership and possess a bias toward action seem to get down the road in ways others churches don't. As Will points out, vision--while critical to church growth--is useless without action.

Ego Side Trips is another reason why churches fail to bring their vision into reality. Churches who rely too much on intuition in their decision-making process tend to be more ego-driven. One of the most important things leaders can do is discover their blind spots and learn what they're missing. I know in my own leadership, this can be a struggle. I get busy, I get going, and I forget to look to make sure it is for the right reasons. You know the feeling, you are driving and go to switch lanes, in mid transition you check your blind spot, only to be startled by the car you didn't know was there! Blind spots are dangerous, but when we are impacted by them, we have an opportunity to grow. This is one important role a church management software solution can play for church leaders. Data is objective. It either validates or challenges the opinions and assumptions of the leaders. Without it, leaders (and egos) are left unchecked. That can be a very dangerous reality.

What are your thoughts on the relationship (or dependency) between vision and execution?

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Posted by Steve Caton on Feb 11, 2012 12:48:21 AM