What your ChMS will never replace

Relationships are the core of community. Our level of interaction determines the level of connectedness we feel with our church community.

We should use our ChMS to help us identify potential ministry opportunities not replace those interactions.

Your ChMS will never be able to tell you...

  • ...how it feels like for a couple to go through a divorce
  • ...what changes when someone looses their job
  • ...where a person turns for advice and wisdom on marriage, parenting, etc.
  • ...when it’s time to make lifestyle changes
  • ...how accountability with other Christ-followers influences people

Sophisticated technology should inform and validate our ministry decisions, but it should never be an excuse to avoid one-on-one ministry with people grounded in human interaction and relationships.

Are you using technology to avoid personal ministry or as a tool to enhance your effectiveness at cultivating spiritual development?


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Posted by Steve Caton on Mar 26, 2011 12:36:04 AM