People know you as the office expert, but you know the role goes much deeper. Success for you is about empowering your leaders with the data and administrative support they need to understand how people are being cared for and how God is moving in your ministry.

7 steps to a more authentic church

A few weeks ago, I came across this TED Talk on what consumers want. In it, Joseph Pine explains that economic value has changed over the course of history from commodities to goods to services. In the past few years, the economic value we as consumers expect no longer ends with services. Instead, our culture has added another layer to help us determine whether something is valuable — namely, authentic experiences.

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The key to effective delegation

Every leader knows that effective delegation is a crucial skill. Over time, even those leaders who like to control everything come to the realization that in order for their church or organization to function efficiently, they must learn how to delegate.

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Want to make people feel valued? Record what you know about them

At Church Community Builder, we talk a lot about how technology can improve the way you do ministry. While technology makes capturing data, numbers, and trends easier, if we’re only tracking numbers, we can easily slip into a catch and release ministry mentality that doesn’t make people feel valued. My friend Chris Mavity cautioned against this and gave several ways your church can break the system of approaching ministry like a fishing experience. Chris explained that the only real way for effective long-term ministry is to value your members as people.

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