People know you as the office expert, but you know the role goes much deeper. Success for you is about empowering your leaders with the data and administrative support they need to understand how people are being cared for and how God is moving in your ministry.

4 resources to help improve the overall health of your church

It’s easy to judge the health of a church by the number of seats filled every Sunday. However, just because a church is large doesn’t necessarily mean it's healthy. I’ve talked with pastors in larger churches who’ve admitted their church wasn’t as healthy as it could be. And I’ve talked with pastors in smaller churches who haven’t ever been in a healthier church environment.

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“Get Disciple Making Right” fuses technology and ministry

It’s been about six months since I released my first eBook, “Get Disciple Making Right: 7 Ways Technology Helps Churches Win At Making Disciples.” The spirit of this eBook was about making a connection for the senior church leader between ministry and technology.

There is certainly an art to growing disciples because the central figure in the process is people. People grown, learn, and develop in different ways. However, there is also a science to it. We should be able to know if what we’re doing is making an impact, or at the very least moving us closer to our ultimate goal.

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