People know you as the office expert, but you know the role goes much deeper. Success for you is about empowering your leaders with the data and administrative support they need to understand how people are being cared for and how God is moving in your ministry.

New Preferred Service Provider: MortarStone

Take donor analysis to a whole new level.

At Church Community Builder, we love to resource our church partners with new strategies that can help church leaders be more effective. This passion extends beyond just the things our team does well. We are always looking for other organizations and individuals who share our heart to guide church leaders to a better how and do it in a way that is unique, yet complementary to ours. One such organization we have recently met and partnered with is MortarStone.

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Database conversations aren’t sexy...but they still matter

After a church signs on with CCB, the first thing we have to do is a database conversation. That’s a fancy phrase that really means we need to map one set of data from an existing database to our database structure. Most of the time, this is an easy process. (Admittedly, this is always the part that scares me. When you start manipulating a lot of data anything can--and does--happen.)

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It's not about church software

It's not about church software because it's NEVER been about church software.

Sometimes people work hard to make it about software...subscriptions It's obvious what their end game is. Users. Renewals. Which translates...for the business...into a steady income stream. (That means I get to be LAZY and just keep the systems running smoothly.)

But if it's not about software....then what in the world is it about? What could it possibly be about?

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