14 ways to hit the ground running in 2014

The new year provides an ideal opportunity for you to create the type of momentum that will carry your church further than you can ever imagine. Resolutions and goals are top of mind for many church members. There’s a natural excitement in the air about the possibilities for the upcoming year.

As a church leader, you can harness that excitement to catapult your ministries into the New Year. Here are 14 resources as you look to cast vision, plan for the upcoming year, and establish the systems and processes needed to reach people and change lives.

  1. Create and promote a healthy culture of evaluation.
    While they may take time once a year to look back over the annual growth or budget, for most leaders there’s not a consistent culture of evaluation that creates ongoing momentum.
  2. Balance information and intuition in your decision-making.
    Church leaders who lean on both intuition and information make better decisions, cast more compelling visions, and create better ministry action plans.
  3. Identify and eliminate any data silos in your ministry.If you don’t take time to identify the data silos in your church, you can’t see the time that’s being wasted. You can’t see the areas in your church with the most potential for improvement.
  4. Develop a strategy for activating more people in ministry.
    If you want to move your members toward being the ministry in your community, you need to develop a strategy to activate people to volunteer, serve, and minister to those in their sphere of influence.
  5. Learn from others to achieve ministry goals.
    The work of the church is too important for us to isolate ourselves from different perspectives.
  6. Don’t neglect the resources God has given you.
    Taking the time to 'tune up' your facilities can help reduce waste, increase efficiency, and lower overhead costs during the next several months.
  7. Improve your culture by starting with your staff.
    Your staff knows the truth about your church, and it will influence the passion they bring to the table as they minister to the community.
  8. Increase generosity by evaluating your process.
    Effectively motivating generous people in your church to give must happen in the entire context of your ministry, not just in the area of stewardship.
  9. Create a plan to strengthen your church’s communication.
    Communication isn’t another thing your church does — it’s everything your church does.
  10. Identify and analyze the 'why' for every area of ministry.
    Once we know the why behind a new program, we can clearly communicate it to our members.
  11. Slam the back door of your small group ministry.
    Technology can play a key role in ensuring your small groups strategy is working and people aren’t slipping out the back door of your groups.
  12. Realize that outreach might not be the best growth strategy.
    While outreach is an important part of getting people to visit your church, it’s only a part of everything that’s needed to accelerate church growth.
  13. Engage inconsistent church members the right way.
    There’s a right way and a wrong way to engage inconsistent church members. Knowing the difference is the key to helping them grow spiritually and becoming fully engaged.
  14. Institute a leadership pipeline for multiplying leaders.
    Create a system for multiplying leaders in your church leads to exponential growth.

The beginning of the year can be a slow time for many churches. People are recovering after the holidays and many church leaders are recovering from the stressful holiday services. It’s easy to turn your ministries on autopilot after such a busy season. While it’s tempting to coast through the beginning of the year, we all know where that leads.

What’s the one thing you’re most excited about for 2014?

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Posted by Steve Caton on March 27, 2020