3 principles for retaining church members (and how to implement them)

I was inspired to join the Church Community Builder team over seven years ago because of a lost opportunity. That opportunity had a face and a name. He also had an interest in trying to figure out ‘this whole God thing’. However, because the church he chose to attend suffered from a lack of intentionality with connections, he was largely missed and ignored. Instead of feeling welcomed and loved, he felt like an outsider. The church lost the opportunity to reach a new person for Christ and it broke my heart. So, I decided to go to work somewhere I could do something to help church leaders fix that problem.

Few things sadden me more than churches letting people fall through the cracks.

It’s a major lost opportunity, but it’s also easily avoidable. Here are three principles you can implement this month to help keep guests from getting lost in the shuffle:

  1. Greeting and follow-up go hand in hand. Utilize both greeters and connection cards to make people feel welcomed initially and to contact them later in the week. We don’t want anyone to feel like they’re forgotten when service is over. Follow up with guests; thank them for visiting and invite them back.

    How can your church implement this principle? Here are a couple of ideas...

  2. Technology helps you implement a process toward a goal. Start by defining your goals and the in-between steps people can take to get there. Then look for ways you can invite people to take those steps. Technology can be a great help in this, enabling you to track individuals’ history and engagement and see just who is and isn’t taking steps toward deeper connection. But your church management software can't help without the proper processes in place.

    How can your church implement this principle? Here are two ways you can leverage technology to improve your church’s connections process...

  3. The need to connect people never ends. Tracking data about individuals helps you not only see what’s going on in their lives for you to minister to them, but also spot trends in the overall connections process of your church. It’s vital that you take the time to check in on and maintain both your connections process and your relationships with the people who have been through that process.

    Here are two ways your church can leverage this principle to more effectively engage first-time guests:

Retaining church members is about stewardship. We must take it seriously if we want God to bless and grow our ministries.

How are you ensuring that people don’t slip through the cracks?

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Posted by Steve Caton on June 17, 2015