3 Reasons You’re the Key to a Successful Software Launch


When you’re launching any new initiative in your ministry, someone’s got to lead the way. Someone’s got to keep the banner waving, cast the vision for the new initiative, and remind everyone why you started this effort when the going gets tough.

The same criteria apply when you’re leading the launch of a new technology. You’ve got to have leadership invested in the process and leading the charge.

When faced with change, especially the often major changes that come with implementing a new way of handling your church’s data and communication, many people respond with resistance, skepticism, or straight-up fear. That’s when leaders have to step up to confront the resistance and address the fear. Leaders have to keep the full game plan in view, all the time. Eventually, people move past their fear and resistance and realize what the new technology can really do to enhance their ministries.

Here’s why church leaders have to take the lead when it comes to implementing new technologies:

  1. You build cohesive teams. Getting your various leaders and volunteers on board with a major change is tough. Leaders have to grab the wheel of a major initiative and drive the church towards adopting the new technology as a combined team.
  2. You keep everyone focused. Your teams are already busy. Adding another project onto their plates is going to be a challenge, and a strong, committed leader makes sure deadlines are met and decisions made when they need to be. Leaders have to keep teams of people who are already juggling multiple priorities focused on what needs to happen for a successful software launch.
  3. You help people choose what’s going to be best for your entire church. Your teams are going to want to protect their own territory. It’s only natural. They’re going to resist changing the way they’ve always done things, and object to anything that might be perceived as a threat to their status quo. You as the leader have to remind them that they’re all here to serve a bigger purpose — expanding your ministry’s reach for the Kingdom, however that takes shape.
How have you helped get your teams on board for a major change at your church in the past? How can you take what you’ve learned to help support a new technology initiative?

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Posted by Church Community Builder on May 05, 2016