3 toxic mindsets that destroy church culture

A healthy church begins with a healthy staff. Are your staff members supportive of one another? Do they view other ministries as threats to their own? Do they have a shared vision?

If these aspects of a healthy culture are missing, it could have massive repercussions. Consider these three toxic mindsets as ones to look out for:

  • The lead pastor doesn’t feel like it’s his job to foster culture. His attitude is focused on preaching and shepherding the church, but he doesn’t get that he influences the way the rest of the staff interact with one another and the people they serve.
  • The leadership team allows each of the ministry leaders to develop the culture of their team. How do you create synergy throughout your entire church when each area of ministry has their own way of doing things?
  • The behavioral values don’t align with your overall ministry values. You could have the most impactful organizational values in the world, but when the way your staff interacts with each other doesn’t align with that, it doesn’t make any difference. This includes things like respect, consideration, and just about everything that Patrick Lencioni talks about in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

A healthy church culture means that every player knows which position he or she is in and they share the common goal and strategy to win the game.

Are you proactively investing in a healthy culture in your church?

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Posted by Steve Caton on August 31, 2015