3 ways technology helps churches improve core processes

If you follow my blog, I think it’s safe to say you get that technology has a place in the church. Technology distributes and accelerates our efforts to build community and foster deeper ministry engagement. I love it when I see churches using Church Community Builder to move members through processes which lead to greater connection, commitment and sense of belonging. It's funny to me how those same churches don't act concerned about money but I covered that topic already.

When churches take the time to understand the systems and processes that define how they do church, the church is empowered to use technology to maintain, manage, improve, and measure the effectiveness in core areas of ministry. Below are three examples of some of the core processes which can be improved with the right technology:

  1. Getting information to a large body of people—FAST.
    Does your church have an emergency communications plan? Gone are the days of the phone tree. What would your church do if you had to get the word out quickly? If you can’t answer the question, you aren’t fully maximizing the ministry potential technology offers. Read how one church quickly organized thousands of volunteers after wide-spread flooding occurred in their community.
  2. Gaining a much better sense of the "faces" in your church.
    Numbers matter. Understanding the total number of adults and children show up during the week is a good indicator of health and momentum. However, technology which empowers people beyond the church office can help you go much deeper and understand exactly who is showing up and how often. In my opinion, this is not just a "nice thing to know". This should be an essential measurement for every church.
  3. Better check-in options can reduce stress for families with children.
    No one understands the value of this more than parents, especially parents visiting a new church for the first time. A visiting family is likely already stressed. Being at a new place can be intimidating. Your child check-in experience should be exceptional. Minimizing the anxiety of visiting a church for the first time can go a long way to help people keep their focus on worship and not whether or not they their kids are safe and sound.

How are you using technology to improve the core processes in your church?

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Posted by Steve Caton on March 31, 2020