4 church giving questions every executive pastor should answer

I’ve mentioned before how utterly impressed I am with the scope of work that executive pastors I regularly meet are able to accomplish. They lead the charge when it comes to the nuts and bolts of ministry. They handle the details — including finances. Today I want to unpack four church giving questions every executive pastor should answer.

4 church giving questions every executive pastor should answer

Considering these four questions will help you avoid some mistakes that I’ve seen churches make in the past:

  • How prepared are we for financial bumps in the road? Whatever your style of financial planning may be, it is absolutely critical that you have a financial plan in place for your church. Unlike the day-to-day budgeting concerns that your leader of finance probably manages, this is the high-level prioritization.
  • Do you have a solid projection of future giving? It’s critical to create reports like a ‘Tell-All Giving Report’. These reports can be customized in a way that will exclude all of your donor names, thus keeping your donors and their giving amounts hidden from you.
  • Do you have savings in place in case your income falls short of projections, or a prioritization of expenses? Consider which programs may be of less value. Determine every ministry’s ‘why’. If you can’t determine the ‘why’ behind a program, it may be worth losing.
  • Do you use periodic giving and budget reviews to identify trends early and nip giving downturns in the bud? Healthy churches have a culture of evaluation. Without a plan and without review, financial challenges can blindside your church. You have the power to prevent that.

Answering these questions is critical to wisely prepare for the challenges that could lie down the road.

Do you have the precautions in place to prepare in case your church experiences a financial crisis?

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Posted by Steve Caton on September 02, 2015