4 lessons your church can learn from other churches

Part of leadership is learning from the successes and failures of others. It’s valuable to pay attention to the innovative ideas others are implementing and consider how they might impact and improve the way you do ministry. We must occasionally get out of our own bubble in order to learn, grow, and improve our ministry. When we fail to pay attention to what others are doing, we miss out on the opportunity to learn from the successes of other churches.

There are certain principles every church can emulate despite the differences in culture, size, or community we’re trying to reach. Here are four resources that can provide insights on various areas of ministry from other churches:

  1. Technology is useless without effective implementation. Many churches turn to church management software to help them manage and measure the systems that support their ministry. What they underestimate is the value of the implementation process as a path to connecting a church management system with their existing ministry systems and processes. The implementation process is just as important as the technology itself. These three churches understood the value of effective implementation and have benefited as a result.
  2. Technology will improve your small group ministry. People actively involved in small group ministry are more likely to be financially generous, willing to volunteer, and generally more consistent in participation than those who aren’t actively participating in a small group. Here are three churches that effectively used technology to improve their small group ministry and experienced an increased use by small group leaders, improved communications, and more informed ministry decision.
  3. Technology ensures your church is moving people from first-time guests to fully engaged members. Technology is not about stripping the humanity out of community and relationships. Instead, it is about giving leaders confidence that their process is functional and effective. These three churches used technology to elevate their assimilation process, which led to deeper, more personal relationships with potential and existing members.
  4. Technology helps you cultivate generosity through online giving. Online giving must always be seen through two lenses. The first is cultivating the generous habits of individuals and families through teaching, discipleship, community, service, and example; the second is through offering a variety of giving methods. Here are three churches that offered online giving through their church management software and experienced an increase in overall generosity as a result.

What are some valuable lessons you’ve learned as a church leader from other churches?

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Posted by Steve Caton on March 31, 2020