4 Questions to Help Executive Pastors Plan and Prepare for Fall

Here’s a crazy reality which is now top-of-mind for every church leader: We are only a couple of weeks away from back to school. This means the hustle and bustle of fall growth season at our churches is going to be back in full swing — already!

As an executive pastor, the time is now to make sure your church is ready to capitalize on the busy season and finding a new way to generate momentum for your ministry. Many families either get in the swing of making corporate worship and small groups a part of their routine for the school year or they don’t. I’m sure you want to do all you can do to kick off the fall season well at your church. But I want to encourage you as you plan and prepare, don’t forget to set boundaries for yourself to avoid burnout.

Making good decisions requires more than gut instincts.

Here are a few questions to consider as you’re in preparation mode:

  1. Is your equipping strategy helping you set a healthy tempo? Often the most difficult — but most important — word church leaders can utter is ‘no’. There are constant demands on your time, but ‘doing ministry’ isn’t more important than your personal journey with Christ, your marriage, your family, or your sanity.
  2. How are you building silence into your life, and are you making the most of it? The pace of life often leaves little space for contemplation and reflection, which are central to a healthy Christian walk. Carve out time each week to pause and reflect.
  3. Are you aware of the ‘big rocks’? As a leader, people are often pulling on you to engage in the crisis of the day, but we know that not every battle is worth fighting and you cannot be the hero in every story. In contrast, as a leader, your voice is often the one that is needed to provide context and vision into the most critical issues. Have you defined them?
  4. How are you making your ministry decisions — on intuition or on data? Making good decisions requires more than gut instincts; it requires good information. In order to strike while the iron is hot, you need good data to act upon. This will save you time and heartache. Where do you go to find that data? Do you have a single, comprehensive system you can trust?

Ministry is time- and heart-intensive. You’ve got to be fueled by not only time with the Lord and time in the Word but also time out to reflect and strategize. Planning for a healthy rhythm and healthy boundaries will take your ministry so much farther.

What are you most excited about for the upcoming season of ministry?

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Posted by Steve Caton on July 27, 2015