4 simple ways to measure discipleship

Have you ever felt unable to track discipleship growth because there are simply too many details to keep up? The truth is that complexity can cripple our discipleship ... but have you considered that things may not need to be as complicated as we make them?

Oftentimes we try to measure too many things. The churches that do discipleship well have very intentional but simple processes in place. Churches that measure discipleship well simplify their strategy and develop good processes to support that strategy.

Measuring discipleship doesn’t have to be complex.

Here are some key cornerstones that can tell you the health of discipleship in your church:

  • First- and second-time guests. This is the starting point of measuring discipleship and growth for the people in our churches, but it is also the most overlooked metric. If you don’t already have one, put a process in place to connect and engage with newcomers.
  • Serving opportunities. Do people volunteer and get involved in serving at your church? This is a sign of movement in their relationships with Christ. You want a system to connect volunteers with serving opportunities and then track their involvement over time.
  • Connection opportunities. This could be a new members class, or an outreach event, or what is often the most significant level of engagement — a small group. Do you know who is showing up at these deeper levels of engagement?
  • Giving. Are you saying thank you when someone gives for the first time? What about the second time? Are you evaluating giving trends over time? Giving is an indicator that people are going deeper in their walk and deeper with your church.

Tracking discipleship and engagement does not have to be a complicated system. Who is showing up? Who is getting involved? Who is serving? Who is giving? By answering these questions, you’re well on your way to measuring discipleship.

For more on how to track discipleship, check out this discussion I recently had with Tony Morgan.

If you desire to implement these processes but need some help ensuring they are designed in the right way for your church culture, we can help!

What process do you have in place today to measure discipleship? What needs to change?

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Posted by Steve Caton on July 06, 2015