4 ways technology can help Executive Pastors execute in ministry

Executive Pastors are continually thinking about how to improve the strategies and processes which allow their church to live out its unique Kingdom calling. Technology can be an incredible resource for them. The right technology can help measure ministry effectiveness, empower leaders, and improve all the ways you steward the people God has entrusted to you.

Here are four important ways technology can help you execute your ministry with greater effectiveness.

  1. Empower your staff to fill volunteer opportunities based on giftedness and interest. Don’t just try to fill vacancies. Instead help your staff and volunteer coordinators learn how to leverage the information they have about church members, rather than simply looking to fill a role. Utilize your church management software to make notes of spiritual gifts, talents, and experience. Next time you’re looking for volunteers in a ministry, start with the available people who best fit the need.
  2. Identify and eliminate ministry silos. Leadership needs to be open to new processes and systems that unify information and produce better results. When different ministries operate in their own silos, it results in a lack of clarity, insight, wisdom, value, community, and ultimately retention.
  3. Measure how your church is equipping the saints for ministry. It starts by asking the right questions and then finding a way to measure growth. Have you taken the temperature of your effectiveness lately? Do you know the numbers on your missional engagement?
  4. Leverage technology to increase generosity and engagement. For example, if you are an Executive Pastor and you don’t use church management software data to identify first-time givers or lapsed givers, you are missing out on ministry opportunities and sending a message that you’re ‘not really paying attention’.

The church of this generation has an opportunity like none before to go into our backyards and around the world to share the good news.

Technology is a servant that can help us do ministry like never before. Why wouldn’t you use it?

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Posted by Steve Caton on February 17, 2015