5 areas of membership activity to measure consistently

Hope is not a strategy. While prayer and trusting God to bless our efforts is certainly apart of a church leader’s orientation toward ministry, it doesn’t absolve leaders from measuring the behavior of the people in the pew.

  • Behavior is measurable.
  • Behavior is indicative of what people really believe.
  • Behavior is communicating the feelings of connectedness.

Are you listening to what your members are saying in their...

  • ...Worship attendance?
  • ...Giving?
  • ...Service?
  • ...Small Group Participation?
  • ...Volunteer habits?

It blows me away when churches are willing to spend countless hours ensuring the accuracy of the offering but are not willing to invest the same effort and energy in understanding the "faces" God has entrusted to them.

Your members are telling you what they really think, feel, and believe by their behavior.

What are you measuring? What is the data telling you about your members? Your strategies?

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Posted by Steve Caton on March 31, 2020