5 Followup Processes Every Church Needs to Define

When church leaders talk about ‘followup’, we’re primarily referring to first-time guests. And most every church has a process for engaging people who visit their church for the first time.

But that’s only one set of people in the church who need to be connected.

A few months ago, we had the chance to sit down with Mark Waltz to discuss how churches can leave a lasting impression. Today, I wanted to revisit some of the followup processes Mark highlighted during the webinar and share a few additional process steps I believe it’s important for church leaders to consider and define.

Five followup processes every church needs to define

Here are five different groups in your church who need intentional interaction from your church as they move toward deeper commitment levels in your church.

  1. New Guests. Take some time to consider how you come alongside new guests. Is it enough to send a welcome letter from the connections pastor? What if they got a phone call or postcard from the connections volunteer they met on Sunday? Can Church software help improve things? How can you present a next step to the guest who wants to connect with your church?
  2. New Believers. Think about the unique needs of a new believer who just made a decision to follow Christ. What environments can you put in place to encourage new believers and help them grow in their faith?
  3. New Members. How can you help new church members commit to and be part of the new covenant they made by deciding to join your church?
  4. New Givers. Giving for the first time is a significant step in the discipleship journey, especially for church members who might not have grown up in the church. Taking the time to recognize their contribution and thank them for it is a small task that makes a huge difference when it comes to cultivating generosity in the life of a first-time giver.
  5. New Small Group Leaders. Your new small group leaders or Sunday School teachers are on the front lines of ministry. More than likely, they feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of leading and shepherding during their first several months as a leader. Taking the time not only to train them on the front end, but to follow up with them once they’ve started, is essential for helping them gain confidence in the role God has called them to play.

As church leaders, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can encourage people to take the first step, whether that’s giving or serving. However, we should be just as intentional in our followup processes and help them as they get ready to take the next step.

What are some of the ways you follow up with these different types of groups within your church?

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Posted by Steve Caton on July 22, 2015