5 reasons why executive pastors are the linchpins of ministry

As I have met with church leaders on behalf of Church Community Builder over the last seven years, my respect for executive pastors has continually grown. As a jack-of-all-trades who has to think simultaneously about a big-picture vision of the future and the nuance of a thousand moving parts in the present, you carry a lot of weight. You lead budget meetings, shepherd ministry leaders, and reinforce culture. You approve expenditures, develop staff, and oversee construction of the new children’s wing. Oh, and occasionally you have to preach!

This is why we have such a passion for the Executive Pastor at Church Community Builder. In so many ways they are the glue that holds together the ministries of the church. Yet, more often than I care to remember, I have witnessed that they are also undervalued, discouraged, and misunderstood. That’s unfortunate. It also severely limits the potential of your ministry.

Five reasons to encourage and value your Executive Pastor

  1. They often determine what really makes their church different and unique. The Executive Pastor helps to determine who the church uniquely ministers to and reaches. Executive pastors help the whole team to get clear on who you’re reaching, where you excel, and what makes you different.
  2. They must be the one who says NO to good things in order to say YES to great things. The Executive Pastor is likely the staff member who is most familiar with the many ministries in the church. Your leadership and vision help the rest of the team keep their eyes on what is most important.
  3. They understand that good data is often a church’s most important asset. The Executive Pastor is the gatherer and interpreter of metrics and numbers. You process the data and make decisions based on what the numbers say.
  4. They are key to equipping the saints and empowering the ministry. The Executive Pastor supports the church by equipping the church for the opportunities that lay before them.
  5. They set the pace and establish the processes that will drive success. The church systems and processes implemented by the Executive Pastor directly impact the behaviors and outcomes of the body.

Executive pastors have to get the people, processes, and systems of their church working in harmony. And it’s not just because it makes sense. It’s actually about something much more important than the vision of our church ... it’s about the stewardship of the people God has entrusted to us. That’s a pretty big deal, isn’t it?

How has your Executive Pastor moved your ministry forward? Be sure to encourage them today!

Photo credit: Thamizhpparithi Maari via Wikimedia Commons cc

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Posted by Steve Caton on May 11, 2015