5 ways to increase registered ChMS users in your church

Once a church has made the decision to use Church Community Builder, there are two phases that begin. One is an implementation phase to move database information from their existing system to their new one. The second is preparing the church staff to promote the adoption of the system within 90 days of “going live.”

Having worked with many different churches helping them implement a new ChMS, we’ve learned that one of the main keys to success (assuming you want your ChMS to be more than a collection of attendance and giving records) is to get as many people on the system as possible. There is a short window of opportunity that must be anticipated and maximized from Day One.

Here are some suggestions we regularly share about how to get more people to become registered users of your ChMS:

  1. Make registration accessible from the home page of your church’s Web site. Give it a cool name. Don’t call it “CCB Registration.” Your church shouldn’t make the sign up process feel like the Department of Motor Vehicles application process.
  2. Stop printing unnecessary communication pieces to be distributed via mail or in person. Instead, send that information via the built-in tools in your Church Community Builder site.
  3. Eliminate paper event registration. Make your site the exclusive place to register for events and pay for any associated costs.
  4. Invite new members to register as part of your connections program. Talk about it from the pulpit and whenever appropriate to remind members about it. Give them a reason to keep coming back.
  5. Empower your volunteer leaders to get more done effectively and efficiently within your site. Bust up the controlling forces that might resist too much access to the software. The value in Church Community Builder increases with the level of participation.

Implementing a new ChMS is hard work. Having a plan in place to maximize the software tool to build community can and will accelerate the ministry of your church.

What have you found to be successful in encouraging members to register and regularly use your ChMS?

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Posted by Steve Caton on April 01, 2020