7 changes that will impact your church giving

I'm thrilled about our ongoing partnership with Generis to explore the changing landscape of online giving. Brad Leeper led an excellent webinar for us recently called, Building fiercely loyal givers to your church. Throughout his 50-minute talk, Brad divulged practical advice on how to engage donors and take them from casual givers to passionate evangelists. He also unpacked seven changes to the overall culture of church giving that were extremely helpful:

  1. Successful giving reflects a changing attitude from “campaign” to “generosity.”
    Old school giving was project based. “Donate to build this new sanctuary.” "Help us raise funds for this mission trip to China.” Now, churches with strong giving programs promote a culture of generosity instead of a project-based giving strategy.
  2. The economy doesn’t have that much of a bearing on what people give.
    While our economy did undergo a sizable change in 2008, things have not changed for the worse since then. 2008 brought a new normal. But quarterly job reports do not have a noticeable impact on giving. The recession can’t be an excuse any longer.
  3. Giver attitude and practices are changing in a rapid pace.
    The landscape is shifting. Giving is a very competitive environment. People want to give but they’re more choosy and want more information about where their money is going. Therefore, churches have to adapt accordingly
  4. How people give is changing.
    People are giving electronically, through mobile devices, and through online banking more and more. People are giving with cash and checks less and less.
  5. Churches intentional about generosity have higher giving rates.
    A church doesn’t have to talk about generosity every Sunday, but those who strategically weave it into their regular communication and share the need with members experience the benefits.
  6. There is a future of great uncertainty in giving arena.
    Tax laws will be changing in 2013. How will that affect giving? Donors are eager to give but expect greater authenticity. They are asking, “Why should I give?”
  7. Generous churches are led by generous pastors.
    People know the general financial situation of the pastor. A church’s level of generosity hinges on top down leadership. Good stewardship is contagious.

How are you establishing a “culture of generosity” in your church?

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Posted by Steve Caton on April 02, 2020