7 reasons you need absolute clarity about who your church is trying to reach

Not that long ago, it was truly unique (and hip) to use Apple products. I didn’t use my first Mac until 2008, but for several years before that, I always perceived people who used Macs as edgy, creative, and very bright. Apple has evolved into one of history’s most iconic companies and if you use a Mac today, it doesn’t necessarily say anything about you other than that, like me, you finally get it! However, when Apple started their march to relevance, they did so by being super focused on their target customer. They intentionally went after people who saw the world differently, especially when they viewed it through the eyes of technology. They built their brand on the backs of those people and then stayed brilliantly focused on that target as they expanded into different products and watched the rest of the world catch on.

Does your church have a target audience? Can you clearly define who it is you want to reach? If you think your job is to reach everyone, you’re wrong. God gives individuals and organizations specific sets of gifts, abilities, passions, and strengths. If you ignore those things and try to reach everyone you can, you run the risk of reaching no one. If you clearly define the people you want to reach, you can not only reach them, but possibly reach a lot of other people in the process, too.

If you have ever been part of a movement, you know it will energize you like almost nothing else.

Here are seven reasons you should define your target audience.

  1. You will discover your REAL core values. Defining your ‘ideal customer’ will help you determine whether what you say your core values are reflect what truly matters to you.
  2. You will hire the RIGHT people. Being committed to your core values will help you get really good at hiring people.
  3. You will protect your staff. People who are not a good fit for your church will be the first ones to mistreat your staff.
  4. Your communication will be more refined. Knowing your target audience forces you to speak their language, and you know that words matter. The language you use can make people feel like part of the family or outside the circle of trust.
  5. You will energize your core. The Church shouldn’t be an institution; it is supposed to be a movement of God’s people. If you have ever been part of a movement, you know it will energize you like almost nothing else.
  6. You will help the others find a better place. Encouraging someone to leave may feel rude and not very Christlike, but I want to challenge you here. What you’re really doing is freeing them to go find a better place, a place where they can be happy, fulfilled, and passionate.
  7. You will be healthy! Most pastors I know want their churches to grow. If you follow these principles, you can expect growth.

Every church is reaching a target audience whether they know it or not. Gaining razor-sharp clarity about who you want to reach using church management software will not only help improve the health of your church, but also help you grow through people who are simply attracted to the energy and vibe of your church. After all, many of us weren’t part of Apple’s target audience just a few short years ago!

Can you and your staff clearly agree on and define the people you are trying to reach?

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Posted by Steve Caton on August 12, 2015