7 things church leaders should know about next generation generosity

People have always given to churches using the currency of the day. When the culture was agrarian, people gave animals or produce. When currency was introduced, giving became monetary.

Then the Industrial Revolution came, and people gave more regularly as personal incomes became more predictable and scheduled. Today, there’s a shift toward mobile and online giving. If church leaders want to continue cultivating generosity in the lives of members, meeting their giving preferences is essential.

Does your church give people the opportunity to give in the way that is most natural for them?

Here are seven things you should know if you want to be intentional about cultivating the next generation of givers who will support your ministry:

  1. Churches that offer online and mobile giving using church management software reported average donations were 3.8 percent higher per person than the average donations in the churches that did not offer online giving. (Tweet that!) Tools like recurring gifts make it easy for you to systematize recurring gifts and help make giving a habit for church members.
  2. Churches that use a web-based church management system that also integrated online and mobile giving into their stewardship strategy received 88.5 percent more in contributions than churches that did not offer online or mobile giving. (Tweet that!)
  3. Online and mobile giving must be viewed through two lenses. The first is cultivating the generous habits of individuals and families through teaching, discipleship, community, service, and example. The second is offering a variety of giving options. (Tweet that!)
  4. Cash gifts are less than 5 percent of offerings at most churches. Passing the offering plate shouldn’t be abandoned, but it shouldn’t be the only way churches accept donations. (Tweet that!)
  5. The next generation of givers wants to know their contributions make a difference. Online giving tools should allow church administrators to communicate back to a giver quickly and easily. A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way toward encouraging people to continue giving. (Tweet that!)
  6. Church members follow the examples of their leaders, even when it comes to giving. Churches must provide a giving solution that their staff and leaders buy into, use, and are excited to share with others. (Tweet that!)
  7. Church members use the latest technology throughout the week, so the church should provide tools that mirror the experience people expect in every other aspect of their lives. Rather than ignore those tools, church leaders must learn how to leverage them for the benefit of God’s Kingdom. (Tweet that!)

It’s critical to meet people where they are and to simplify the giving process. Is your church doing all it can to make it simple for people to give?

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Posted by Steve Caton on June 03, 2015