At Church Community Builder, our journey will always be about trying to provide insight that helps you, as church leaders, be more effective. We are so much more than a software company! God has blessed us with a lot of amazing people who have experience in church leadership and a tremendous heart for the local church (and church leaders like you!). This blog is inviting you into the conversations we have on a daily basis. We want to hear your voice as you lead from the frontlines of Kingdom work!

April 2016: A Little Spring Cleaning

Surviving the Dreaded Summer Slump

Orientation and Ongoing Training: Training for the Long Term

Training vs. Equipping

Four Characteristics of Healthy Volunteer Training

Training Volunteers For the Long Term

Preferred Service Provider Webinar Series - Pastorsline and CCBChimp

Why Your Assimilation Process Needs a Pulse Check

Your Church: A First-Time Guest’s Perspective on Formulating a First Impression

Turn First-Time Guests Into Fully Engaged Members

Our Future is Looking {Mobile}

Retaining Your First-Time Guests: The Essentials

3 Challenges Every Church Faces: Retention

3 Challenges Every Church Faces: Assimilation

3 Challenges Every Church Faces: Engagement

Preferred Service Provider Webinar Series - April 2017

Staff Spotlight - Justin Claypool

Closing The Back Door After Easter

How to Have Your Best Easter Yet

How to Recruit the Volunteers You Need for Easter

Put Your Best Foot Forward This Easter

3 Challenges Every Church Faces

James 1:27 - An Associate’s Perspective

James 1:27 - An Owner’s Perspective

Supporting and Monitoring Your Greatest Ministry Asset

Training and Placing Your Greatest Ministry Asset

Recruiting Your Greatest Ministry Asset

New Preferred Service Provider: Ministry Vitals

Healthy Volunteers and Healthy Ministry

Conferences and Events - February 2017

In Case You Missed It: Software and Stewardship

How Your Church Management Software Helps You Cultivate Online Giving

The Importance of a Year-End Giving Statement

Tell Us What You Think

Thank You For 2016

Preferred Service Provider Webinar Series - 52 Projects, InThrMa, and ProApps Live

End-of-Year Finances Training

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Time to Start Planning Year-End Giving

How to Attract More Volunteers for Ministry

Best of The Blog 2016

The Softer Side of Software: 4 Ways That Can Help You Track Discipleship

Build Relationships. Grow Disciples.

In Case You Missed It: Equipping and Empowering People for Ministry

How to Communicate to your Church About Annual Giving Statements

The Importance of an Annual Giving Statement Strategy

A Discipleship Journey Part 4 - Stewarding People from ‘Decisions’ to ‘Disciples’

A Discipleship Journey Part 3 - Becoming a Disciple-Multiplying Church

A Discipleship Journey Part 2 -  What Is A Discipleship Journey?

Free Year-End Giving Guide and Resources

New Preferred Service Provider Webinar - Aplos

A Discipleship Journey Part 1 - From Member to Servant

Operational Metrics vs Missional Metrics

Volunteer Appreciation - 5 Ways To Say Thank You on a Budget

Church Community Builder Brings Christmas to Mary's Home

Multiplying Your Ministry

Coaching Your Ministry Leaders

Living and Leaving a Great Legacy

What is Godly Leadership?

Are You Your Own Roadblock As A Leader?

What Every Church Leader Needs to Know About Systems

Annual Church Road Trip 2016

Even More Scheduling Improvements

Bridge The Gap Between Your People and Your Process

New Preferred Service Provider: BoxCast

Leverage Data to Discover the Gifts Within Your Members

Define and Measure Every Level of Member Engagement

7 Realities of Discipleship

4 Steps That Equip and Empower Your Church

Church Community Builder teams up with North Coast Church and Sticky Teams.

Conferences and Events - October 2016

Preferred Service Provider Webinar Series – Render Virtual Webmaster Services, mobileAxept, and The Church App

New Preferred Service Provider: InThrMa

What You Need to Do Now to Meet Your Year-End Giving Goals

How Coaching Helps You Push Through Barriers

How to Exceed Your Year-End Giving Goals

Help Your Volunteers Replace Themselves

September 2016: Improved Security and Scheduling

Scheduling. Completely Redesigned.

How to Make Volunteering Irresistible

August 2016: More Powerful Tools and Data

5 Keys for Financial Success This Fall

Empowering Leaders With the Metrics They Need

How to Know Which Metrics Matter Most to Your Church

How to Make First-Time Givers Know You Care

4 Things You Have to Believe to Lead a Generous Church

Is Your Ministry a Forest or a Garden?

Make Giving Easier than Ever with All-New Pushpay Integration

Why Playing the Numbers Game Is a Good Thing for Your Church

Why Church Leaders Shouldn’t Go It Alone

What Makes People Really Want to Give to Your Church

5 Ways to Encourage Generosity in Your Church

New Preferred Service Provider: YouDiscoverTruth

Declare Your Independence from Outdated Online Giving!

Why Your Online Giving and Church Management Software Must Be Friends

How Technology Facilitates Discipleship that Fits

Technology’s role in equipping the saints

Good financial management is more than just money

DDoS Attack on June 21

Discipleship That Fits: Understanding ‘Divine’ Discipleship

New Preferred Service Provider: ProApps Live

7 Ways You Can Strengthen Community in Your Church

Discipleship That Fits: Understanding ‘Transparent’ Discipleship

Manage Relationships, Not Money

Discipleship That Fits: Understanding ‘Personal’ Discipleship

How to Make Sure People Are Connecting in Your Church

Intermittent Service Interruptions May 26, 27, 31

June 2016: Small Wins

Discipleship That Fits: Understanding ‘Social’ Discipleship

Build Your Budget, Build the Kingdom

Discipleship That Fits: Understanding “Public” Discipleship

Imitation Over Information: How to Make a Discipleship Model That Fits Your People

Introducing the Small Group Leader App!

Are You Helping or Hurting Community in Your Church?

6 Ways to Involve New People in Your Church Community

3 Reasons You’re the Key to a Successful Software Launch

6 Powerful Reasons to Unify Your Church Systems

How Technology Helps You Multiply Your Ministry

Church Community Builder Core Value: Seek God

9 Areas Your Church Must Consistently Measure

Church Community Builder Core Value: Be Teachable

Church Community Builder Core Value: Enhance Trust

Why Data Is Essential for Better Relationships

6 Reasons You Need to Bust Down Ministry Silos

Why Your Church Management Software Isn’t a Cell Phone

Church Community Builder Core Value: Fight for Amazing Experiences

It’s Not Just About Sunday Morning

Put Some Stickers on Your Helmets

March 2016: Renovated, Refined, and Ready for More!

Giving THROUGH versus Giving TO

Software Outage (Thursday, March 17)

Church Community Builder Core Value: Build a Positive Spirit

Mobile Ministry: A view from the front lines!

When Your Small Groups Go Rogue

Culture Precedes Process

Church Community Builder Core Value: Give More Than You Take

Who Will Notice If We’re Gone?

Redefining Discipleship

March 2016 : Dragging & Dropping a Better Experience

Who Needs a Dose of Recovery?

Building Buildings Is Easier Than Building People

February Partner Webinar Series

Software Performance and Customer Service Issues

Gather Your Data — Then Listen To It

The Value of a Champion

Fingerprints Everywhere, Name Nowhere

How to Spot Your Next Great Leader

Discontinued Support for RC4 Ciphers

How You Lead Matters

‘Shift Happens’; Now What?

February 2016: Continuing to Improve Your Experience

Growing your church one experience at a time

New Preferred Service Provider: Vanco Payment Solutions

How will you invest in your church staff in 2016?

New Preferred Service Provider: Bluebridge

Secrets to multisite success

New Preferred Service Provider: Render Virtual Webmaster Services

7 questions to ask about mobile apps

4 risks that could take down your ministry in 2016

4 risks that could take down your ministry in 2016

Why are there deceased donors on giving statements?

How to build a strong and diverse ministry staff

Multisite Movement Trends to Watch

Could mobile become your church’s new ‘welcome center’ in 2016?

Five resources to overcome the most difficult ministry challenges in 2015

January 2016: A New Year's Update

5 resources to help you make more disciples in 2016

What Is a Leadership Role?

The most important thing church leaders can do during the holiday season

What Christmas Eve is like for church leaders

Reaching church members in an app-centric world

Discipleship Begins with YOU!

5 reasons you should prioritize your year-end giving strategy

How to connect your church through mobile technology during the holidays

How is your guest follow-up going?

4 Ways Church Leaders Can Structure Organic Community

How to define and measure every level of member engagement

5 ways churches can maximize the mobile ministry opportunity

Celebrate what you want to replicate

Advancing Your Mission Through Better Dashboards

Aligning Aspirations and Actions

Church Health Precedes Growth

Build community with guests before converting them

December 2015: First Fixes

Renovation and Refinement: Winter 2015–Spring 2016

November Partner Webinar Series

Accelerate ministry momentum by equipping the saints

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: How to Amplify Your Message through a Diverse Team

To thine own ministry be true...

November 2015: All the Little Fixes

November 2015: Invite. Inform. Inspire.

Balancing strategy with God’s calling

The ultimate guide to choosing your next church management software

New Preferred Service Provider:Protect My Ministry

How to improve the culture of any church staff

Mobile is changing the way church leaders do ministry

A Trio of New Integrations and Partnerships

The hidden cost of church staff turnover

Use stories to move your church from apathy to action!

Chrome on XP does not work with the Church Community Builder Software

October 2015: Be Heard in Beta

3 Reasons Your Church Management Software Should Be a Discipleship Tool

Close the gap between your current reality and ministry vision

Constantly improving your ministry effectiveness

Are you thriving or dying?

6 types of church leaders you see on social media

How to protect your church from today’s most common ministry risks

Effective church leaders create a safe environment

2 principles for identifying and developing great leaders

City Utility Power Maintenance Saturday, September 12 8am (MDT)

3 questions business leaders ask (that church leaders should adopt)

September 2015: Small Release, Small Victories

10 practical ways to protect your vision for ministry

4 church giving questions every executive pastor should answer

3 toxic mindsets that destroy church culture

Partner Webinar Series – Txt2Give, PhoneTree and Aware3

3 things every executive pastor should know about staff accountability

Is your church staff task-driven or vision-focused?

2 questions every executive pastor should ask to create momentum this fall

How to unleash generosity throughout your entire church

7 reasons you need absolute clarity about who your church is trying to reach

3 ways to empower your church staff for effective ministry

How to successfully implement new ministry initiatives

4 ways your church management software enhances online giving

New Preferred Service Provider: AssessME.org

New Preferred Service Provider: Focus Next Steps

Webinar: Protecting the Vision with Deborah Ike

Take a Practical Look at Giving

4 Questions to Help Executive Pastors Plan and Prepare for Fall

5 Followup Processes Every Church Needs to Define

Say goodbye to the summer giving slump

Re-thinking the approach to discipleship

How church technology can make or break your culture

Who is developing your church staff?

4 simple ways to measure discipleship

-BETA- June-September

Strategy isn’t just for business

Partner Webinar Series – New Integrations from Kindrid and ChurchCast

New technology and a good sermon don’t equal sustainable generosity

You Can’t Build Community Without Administration

3 principles for retaining church members (and how to implement them)

5 tests for church leaders who want their ministry to grow

Sharpening our saws, serving you better!

Optimize your church’s website for a good first impression

New Preferred Service Provider: Mogiv

June 2015: More Wins in 4.1

June 2015: Church Community Builder 4.1

7 things church leaders should know about next generation generosity

Developing the next generation of church leaders

4 questions to help you evaluate your church’s connection process

Direct Communication Gets You Moving and Improving

Why your church should have a succession plan for every ministry role

Why you might be alienating guests from the platform (and how to avoid it)

XPs … you’re not alone.

5 reasons why executive pastors are the linchpins of ministry

Webinar: 5 Essential Tests for Churches Who Want to Grow

Creating a Healthy Staff Culture

Why so much love for Executive Pastors?

Four Trends That Are Changing Church Giving

How to Connect the Dots Between Attendance and Active Ministry Engagement

4 Ways to Protect Your Ministry While Equipping the Saints

Executive Pastor Dashboards: Evaluate the Health of Your Ministry at a Glance

4 simple ways to protect your church from financial mismanagement

One HUGE mistake churches are making online (and how to fix it)

How video can help your church build stronger relationships and deeper community

A simple way to streamline and improve church communication

Does your church’s connection process matter … really?

Partner Spotlight: Church rallies an entire community around a special need

3 ways to surface church trends and make better ministry decisions

Is your ministry at risk?

What every church leader should know about next generation generosity

How to grow your church by multiplying your culture

Does your staff really embrace Ephesians 4 ministry?

March 25, 2015: A Dashboard for the Executive Pastor

Increase your giving from the next generation

Is your church staff afraid to fail?

Becoming an ‘entrepreneurial’ ministry leader

4 ways technology can help Executive Pastors execute in ministry

When It Counts: Why Stories and Numbers Matter

What every executive pastor should know about retaining first-time guests

How to develop a culture of transformational generosity in your church

Partner Highlight: How one church doubled its volunteers by equipping the saints

“What makes your church different?” — a question every church leader must answer

February 11, 2015: Scheduling, Simplified

Ten ways volunteers can fuel (or hinder) church growth in 2015

Partner Webinar Series – Three More Integrations

One word that will increase your ministry impact in 2015

New Preferred Service Provider: ChurchCast

Five new Church Community Builder features you should know

Church Partner Highlight: Decentralizing ministry after 100 years of history

Church Management Software 101: What every church leader should know

Three new ways to extend your use of Church Community Builder in 2015

Three ways technology can improve your ministry in 2015

A blueprint for cultivating generosity

Ninja or network: Which is the best way to manage church data?

Move out of the '70s and experience more effective ministry

The ONE THING your church must get right this year

Equip, Then Ask [part 2]

Equip, Then Ask [part 1]

How to create an effective online giving process

The hidden cost of ministry silos

Help people find their ministry groove!

Webinar Notes: 9 keys for multiplying leaders in your church

How to make the best decision about your church management software

What the latest online giving statistics mean for your church

How to prepare for successful software implementation

What successful software implementation looks like

The differences between managing finances and managing donors

The Seminary Gap

Creating a ‘tell all’ church giving report with Church Community Builder (Part 2)

Creating a ‘tell all’ church giving report with Church Community Builder (Part 1)

6 side effects of disconnected systems

Want to make people feel valued? Record what you know about them

Leadership is essential when implementing new technology

Simplify your church management software decision

5 questions to ask when buying technology for your church

Measuring Impact: 9 Areas Every Church Should Measure

Why I Hate RFPs, Part 2

Why I Hate RFPs, Part 1

6 reasons you should identify ministry silos