April 2016: A Little Spring Cleaning

As this season of housecleaning in the software draws to a close, we took the opportunity to release a few more fixes and usability improvements. They're coming this next Wednesday, April 27.

16/4/25: Added a welcome message video update

Welcome Screen

  • Welcome message video update: If you're a newer partner and still have the default welcome video showing on your site's home page, you'll notice an update. We've refreshed that video and given you an overview that should match your current experience in the site. If you have already removed the video from your welcome message, don't worry — it won't make a comeback.

Admin Privileges

  • Reassigning privileges: In some instances, if you removed an admin privilege from someone and then tried to reassign the same privilege again, the software wouldn't allow the privilege to be reassigned. We've fixed this so privileges can be assigned, removed, and reassigned as expected.


  • Downloading events: When downloading an event, the address was being displayed in HTML format. For readability, it is now being displayed as just text.
  • Inactive individuals invited by search: When you invited or added people to an event by search, inactive individuals were not properly being excluded. Now inactive profiles are included only when expressly requested.


  • Department campuses: When looking at a specific department within More > Departments, there was no clear way to see which campus a group belonged to. We've added this information below each group so now you can easily see each group's campus affiliation.
  • Department Admin display: Previously, the current campus selection would determine which Department Admins would display when you looked at a department's administrator list. Now we show all of the Department Admins regardless of campus.


  • Bluepay Virtual Terminal emails: Under very specific circumstances, Bluepay churches that utilized the Virtual Terminal functionality had users receiving several emails pertaining to a gift they may or may not have given. We have fixed this so users no longer receive any email receipt for a Virtual Terminal transaction.
  • Repeating gift starting dates: When setting up the starting date for a repeating gift within the Give section of the software, a user can now only select a day of the month that occurs every month of the year — basically up to the 28th of the month. This brings consistency with the timing for how merchants actually process the repeating gifts.


  • Strange characters in Facebook form sharing posts: If, after submitting a form response, you shared that form on Facebook and the form's description contained HTML, the resulting Facebook post would show undesirable characters, like currency symbols, added graves and acutes, and mafia hitmen. Facebook doesn't allow HTML in its posts and we don't allow mafia hitmen in our forms, so we have stripped all HTML and other suspicious characters out of the Facebook sharing function.
  • Slashes in form responses: If a response had a quotation mark, we were adding a slash before it when displaying it through the form summary tab. We fixed it so it just shows what was typed.


  • Deceased label in hover fields: There are many places in the software where you can hover over a person's name and see more information about them. We've updated this info box to include a (deceased) label so you can easily see if someone's spouse has passed away.


  • Declined requests in group history: Group history was not appropriately recording when someone requesting to join a group was declined. We fixed this issue so someone's group history now shows when they've had a group request declined.
  • Joining system groups: Basic Users could incorrectly join system groups on other campuses. We fixed this to make sure no one can join All Members of That Campus They Don't Go To for the sake of it.


  • Toggling sort options: When using the sort options on More > Messages, you couldn't toggle the sort option between the initial sort order and the reverse of that sort order and back. So, for instance, you couldn't sort by Title in ascending order, then descending, and then back to ascending. We've improved your sorting experience by allowing for each sort option to be toggled.

People Search

  • Mass changing custom data fields: When clicking the 'Mass change data for these people' link from a people search, not all of the 'Custom Field' options were displaying correctly in the Mass Change Data modal. We've fixed this so the 'Custom Field' tab of the modal reflects all of the appropriate custom text fields.

Process Queues

  • Mystery profile notes: When adding someone to a process queue from the Individual Attendance Detail report, a note was left on their profile even if you didn't write one. After thoroughly investigating to make sure the note wasn't being left by someone trapped in a process queue/fortune cookie/empty bottle factory, we've corrected the action so a note is left only when you write one on purpose.


  • Bullet points in schedules: When adding a bullet point to a schedule, it would show up correctly in some places and not in others. We made sure that it shows correctly in all places.
  • Special characters in position names: If you were attempting to add a position with certain special characters in its name while creating a schedule, the page would not load. We fixed it so the page can handle special characters properly (but not undesirable ones — we didn't want the mafia hitmen from the forms migrating to schedules).
  • "Bogus Name" in schedules: When a user declined a scheduling request and then was reassigned, "Bogus Name" appeared in the schedule instead of the person's name. We gave the software a talking-to about renaming people for its own amusement. We think we managed to keep a straight face while we did so.


  • Printable directory: The printable directory was not appropriately filtering your results based on the saved people search you had selected. Now, if you select a saved people search when running the printable directory report, your results will be contained to the people in your search results.
  • Phone Tree export: As part of our ongoing focus on improving the software, we're removing the Phone Tree export option from custom reports. We are replacing this old method with a new Phone Tree API integration
  • Saved System Report: When using the Edit Settings modal in a Saved System Report, the results showing weren't based on those edits. We changed it so that those edits do save and apply.
  • Attendance Summary: If you changed your church's engagement week, any saved Attendance Summary reports would not run correctly. We renegotiated the terms of their contracts so those reports will continue to work regardless of engagement week changes.
  • Queue Manager Breakdown and Process Queue Breakdown: To bring consistency to results across process queue reports, the Queue Manager Breakdown and Process Queue Breakdown reports are now including both people added and people marked as done within the time frame selected.
  • Export Individuals: In some instances, the Export Individuals report was not including the leading 0 in phone numbers in the 'Contact Phone' column when it should have been. We've fixed this so the complete phone number is included in the CSV export.

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Posted by Updates Team on March 13, 2018