Are you thriving or dying?

I’m sure you’ve been there. You were so encouraged, moved, and challenged by a fellow pastor who was a few steps further down the road than you. You wanted to be a lot like him. And then one day his ministry stalled, or maybe he burned out.

Why does this happen? What are the leading causes of turnover, burnout, and stalled ministries?

5 common reasons churches go from thriving to dying

Here are five common reasons churches move from thriving to struggling to survive:

  1. Moral failure. Unfortunately many in ministry do not continue to thrive because they have had a moral failure of some kind. Here’s a resource I wrote with Deborah Ike to help prevent situations like this from coming up and crushing ministry.
  2. Changed role/church. The most common occurrence is simply a major change in the role of a key leader or major shift in how you do church. While sometimes changes can be for the better, often they damage a ministry for years to come. Managing change effectively is a blend of art and science that Church Community Builder's Coaches help church leaders do very well.
  3. Leaving ministry altogether. When a pastor or minister leaves the ministry there’s no doubt been a traumatic experience that led to that decision.
  4. Burnout. Burnout can easily occur when a pastor or minister is isolated from others who are in similar positions.
  5. Lack of innovation. There is a difference between finding your rhythm and finding yourself in a rut. When a church leaders is no longer innovating, it can have an adverse affect on a church. Autopilot does not work.

Being aware of these tipping points and avoiding them is critical to the health and success of your ministry. The health of the pastor is directly correlated to the health of the church.

What are you doing to make sure you stay energized, rested, and innovative?

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Posted by Steve Caton on September 28, 2015